Review: Mexican Heat

Mexican Heat - Josh Lanyon, Laura Baumbach

Re-read February 7 2017


Let me start with the most important thing about this book: It has a 25 pages long sex scene!!! That was some hot sex! :D

--- This review is filled with spoilers. Read at your own risk---

This is one great read! I never expected to like this as much as I did. I thought this entire book would consist of Gabriel and Antonio falling in love while deeply undercover in the Sanchez and Botelli crime family. I thought it would drag a little there because one can only read so much about being undercover and not being able to be yourself. But I was wrong.

I thought it was brilliantly done to have the first part written from Gabriel’s POV and the second part from Antonio’s POV. The first part does consist of these two meeting while both undercover. But instead of it being boring, it was fast paced. These two share an immediate connection and are wildly attracted to each other. And damn, that sex scene in Mexico… freaking hot!

But when Gabriel’s cover is blown the shit hits the fan and Gabriel is seriously injured, that is where part two starts, from Antonio’s POV. No more cover stories to tell each other, so the only option is to be honest. Antonio has already realized his undying love for Gabriel and he just wants to take care of a blind, but not helpless, Gabriel. Gabriel has trouble accepting help from anyone, so Antonio has his work cut out for him.

But these two are perfect for each other, so after a lot of patience from Antonio Gabriel realizes he can trust him and...aaaaww....insert tender moments here...

I loved the fact that Gabriel did not have some miraculous recovery. He was still blind at the end of the book (I guess the authors wanted to write more books in this series, but never did). But he was definitely not helpless and with Antonio’s help he found ways to cope with his blindness and to still be his badass self.

Action in the first part and hurt/comfort, love and tenderness in the second part. This was awesome.