Review: The Impossible Boy

The Impossible Boy - Anna Martin

I liked the premise of this book so much that I bought it on release day and started reading immediately. I got to 40% and then put it down. But even though I didn’t really like it, I wanted so much to like it, that I picked it up again, determined to like it, damn it.

But it wasn’t meant to be…

The first 50% of this story read like the author was ticking off a list.
- The meeting
- The exchange of phone numbers
- The date
- The kiss
- The sex
- The relationship
- The love

And when Stan and Ben talked about important stuff like Stan being gender-fluid or anorexic, it came out of nowhere for me. They both didn’t think about these subjects before. They just talked about it and after that it’s back to the not thinking about it.

Stan didn’t seem to have much thoughts at all. Stan was gender-fluid, struggled with anorexia, got a new job, found the love of his life, enough things to think about I would say. But we found out what he looked like, what he wore, how his hair shines, what purse he brings to work, but no real inner thoughts or struggles.

Stan just started his new job and in the first week he wears a dress to work. I read about the color of the dress and how tight it was, but what I really wanted to read about was how Stan’s colleagues reacted to him wearing a dress. They could be open-minded or bigoted as shit, but I wanted to know! Stan told us people react differently to him, but I haven’t read about one single person in this book reacting differently to him at all. Everyone accepted him and liked him. Which is fine, but also a little strange and unrealistic.

I have to admit I picked it up again because I heard there was some hurt/comfort going on, but darn what a letdown that was for me.

When Ben comes back from his tour with his band,

(view spoiler)he finds Stan in the hospital. No reading about Stand struggling without Ben, nothing about what happened and how he got there. Only what he tells Ben later on.

(show spoiler)

If I have to hurt for one of my book characters I would appreciate if you would let me be there when it happens. Not try to pull me in after the fact.

I got one more niggle and then I’ll shut up and you can all ignore this ranty review and keep on loving this book to death. ;)

I never once felt as if Ben really liked being in a band. He even told people that it’s not his dream. And when he wanted to quit, his friend Tone wouldn’t let him. I felt as if Ben was roped into it and not that happy, but since no one wanted to let him go, he stayed.

I’m still sad I didn’t like this more. I really do like the premise. And I have enjoyed other books by Anna Martin before. So don’t let this review keep you from reading this book. It’s just one opinion in a sea of 5 star reviews…