DNF: Trust Trade (Gem City Grit #1)

Trust Trade - Ki Brightly

DNF at 35%

This is not a bad book, really. There are just a couple of things that annoy me, and I don’t have the patience for this big ass book to continue.

What I liked:
- I LOVE the cover. It’s beautiful.
- The writing has a very nice flow to it. Good balance between inner musings and dialogue.
- Jeb is a great character. I really liked his strength.

What I didn’t like:
- Freddy. He just rubs me the wrong way. It starts off with Freddy and Jeb going for a walk when they’ve just met each other. But then Freddy takes Jeb on a hike while it is obvious Jeb is not enjoying it, is out of breath, and trips because he is trying to walk and lip read at the same time. That seemed like a very selfish thing of Freddy. Especially because he does notice these things. He is the same with touching Jeb. Jeb is clearly uncomfortable (at first), but Freddy does it anyway.
- There are some weird phrases during sex scenes.

“Let’s have a morning salute. Shoot with me.”

Cum boils in my balls.

Those things just don’t do it for me.

I definitely would have finished this book if it wasn’t so darn long. Normally I love the long books, but not if it is becoming a chore to finish it.