Review: Chosen Pride (L'Ange #3)

Chosen Pride (L'Ange Book 3) - Mary Calmes

I like how Mary Calmes writes men who are big, tough, muscular, but cry like babies and turn into goo when they are with their mates. For some reason these men are almost childlike in their new found enthusiasm. I just love that! It feels intense and emotional. Only Mary can pull that off.

Jon Slade is a lion who feels like he doesn’t really belong anywhere. So he is thrilled to finally meet his mate, Kelvin. Unfortunately Kelvin is the champion of the wolf shifters king and therefore cannot be mated to a man. He is betrothed to a woman and must produce offspring.

Jon spents a year pining for Kelvin. But all of a sudden he gets a message that Kelvin and the wolf shifter king are coming to visit the estate of L’Ange.

As soon as Jon and Kelvin see each other they know they cannot live apart…

I liked how Jon and Kelvin just shoved everyone and everything aside to be together. I just love all that possessiveness.

What bothered me in this was that most of this story takes place in one single day. That’s not really enough for me to develop a relationship. I especially rolled my eyes when Jon said to Kelvin that he was going to love him one day, but not yet, and tells Kelvin he loves him several hours later.

Still, it was all very Mary.