Review: Fighting Instinct (L'Ange #2)

Fighting Instinct - Mary Calmes

This was better than I expected. Yes, Arman was an asshole. Yes, he was also a serial killer. But I melted with how much he loved Linus and how he would do anything for him. That made it better for me to endure him.

Arman is an arrogant ass for this entire book, but never to Linus, just to other people. So I was okay with that.

Arman is a shifter, working as head of security for Roman Howell. He has also been trying to court Linus, a white deer shifter, for the past 7 years. But Linus is broken because of terrible abuse in his past, so he doesn’t let anyone get close.
Except Arman of course.

It is time for Linus to finally give in to Arman. And when he decides that, he jumps in with his whole heart…

I loved the sweetness of the relationship. It was very Mary. Arman was possessive to the max and Linus the sweet blushing man who would do anything for Arman.

I was a bit surprised at the fact that Arman was killing off everyone who hurt Linus in the past. And not as a shifter, no, just with his gun. Like a true serial killer. Alright then.


Unfortunately around halfway through I got the feeling Mary was trying to come up with all this new shifter stuff. I think she pulled all these new rules out of her ass. And the words! I was so confused. Not as much as I was with Change of Heart, but still, it was ridiculous shit.

But overall the relationship gave me all the warm fuzzies, so I ended up enjoying it a lot.