Review: Watching and Wanting (Housemates #4)

Watching and Wanting (Housemates Book 4) - Jay Northcote

This was just as hot as the others in this series. I loved the parts where Shawn was slowly exploring his newfound sexuality, and where Jude was patient in showing Shawn the way.

What kind of ruined this book for me was, when they had the talk about maybe becoming boyfriends, Jude immediately told Shawn he had to come out now, or no relationship.
Even though I could understand his reasoning, there was no room for compromise. Shawn was very insecure about everything and had a hard time changing everything he thought he knew about himself. So a little consideration would have been nice.

But what I hated the most is that after their ‘break-up’ Jude goes out with his friends, kisses a former hookup and gets a serious boner from dancing with him. And all of a sudden Shawn swoops in and tells him he wants to come out so they can be together.

I just wanted Jude to admit he had no right to make that demand. A compromise, yes, but to demand someone come out RIGHT NOW, was a bit too much for me.

3 stars for the hotness, less for the relationship.