Review: #Blur (GearShark #4)

#Blur  - Cambria Hebert

4.25 stars

I really liked this!
I was a bit afraid this would be all about racing, and since I hadn’t read the other books in the series, I had no idea what to expect. But I was happy to find out this book was very relationship focused. And I loved that!

We get to see how Arrow is treated by his father when he is 18, and we suffer with him when he gets kicked out of the house and

raped in an alley.

(show spoiler)

We also learn how Hopper, born as Jayson, loses a part of himself when

his boyfriend dies in a motorcycle accident.

(show spoiler)

It is now 3 years after the events of Arrow’s horrible past and 5 years after Hopper’s

boyfriend died.

(show spoiler)

 Hopper has been asked by his boss to meet up with Arrow and to get him to sign with his company as a racer.

And that’s how the two meet. On their first meeting the two immediately recognize another broken soul, so these two feel an immediate bond. Of course it’s not easy for both of them to let go of their pasts. Hopper feels guilty for wanting another man, and Arrow doesn’t know if he can ever be in a real relationship…

I guess you can say this book was very insta-lovey, since these guys kiss when they first meet, and dove immediately into the difficult conversations. They didn’t ease into things, they jumped in head first. I can really appreciate when my MCs are written this intense. It was like these guys had all their emotions turned up to 11. I’m such a sucker for this.

The hurt/comfort in this was perfectly balanced. I never once felt it was too much with two broken souls instead of one. Even though the first 30% in this were hard to read, this book never felt dark or depressing.

The relationship was sweet and more than a little cheesy at times, and I loved these guys together.

I did have one complaint and that was the use of the word ‘rod’. So not sexy. And it is used a lot!

Overall, a very nice, sweet read.