Review: Block and Strike

Block and Strike - Kelly Jensen

This book made me angry. Why on earth would the abuser be forgiven and the person coming to the rescue be punished, and considered a person with anger management issues???


Jake arrives at his apartment when he sees a young man lying bleeding on his doorstep. It turn out to be his downstairs neighbor, Max. He takes Max to the hospital, even though Max doesn’t want to go.

After Max is released the two strike up a friendship and Jake takes Max to his self-defense class to help him.

Jake knows he wants Max, but isn’t sure how Max feels. Of course Jake is not really in a position to start a relationship, with him just being released from prison for beating up someone. But he can’t deny his feeling for Max any longer..

Max was such a hot mess, it was a bit tiring at times. Whenever something got a little rough, he closed off or ran away. But I was glad Jake didn’t give up and I liked it when the two finally got together.

And I kind of liked the story up until the point where I got tired of everyone blaming Jake for being a bad guy and putting the man in the hospital who was abusing his ex-wife. If I read one more sentence about Jake having anger management issues I was going to scream.

Defending your ex-wife and your daughter who lived with them, IS NOT A BAD THING, people!

He even did his time, went to prison for a year. And in the entire book it’s mentioned that Jake made a mistake. Well, I do not consider this a mistake at all. And anger management issues my ass. Everyone was constantly treating him like he was a bomb about to go off, while he wasn’t anything like that at all. Even his best friend treated him like that.

Oh, and I’m supposed to believe that the boyfriend of the ex-wife, Dominick, is now all good, and lives happily ever after with the ex-wife, the daughter, and a new baby, hoorah.

And Dominick’s buddies were the ones that beat Max so severely he almost died. Yeah, good man, that Dominick. Even though Dominick denied having anything to do with it. Didn’t buy that at all.

If the writer wanted Jake to be an angry guy, she should have written him a little angrier, I just read him as a kind and considerate guy. So the whole plot of blaming him for beating up the other guy…. that just felt like an overdramatized plot line that didn’t make sense.


Can't really recommend this.