Review: Violated

Violated - Jamie Fessenden

I didn’t like this one. I like a little background on both MCs before they get together, but this was just ridiculous.

Derek has just bought a lake house with his fiancé Tim (I should say his ass of a fiancé. I had no idea what he saw in him), when he meets his yummy neighbor Russ. Of course Derek is engaged, so friendship it is.

Russ is a cop, who is tired of being alone. When he meets his new neighbor, sparks fly, but he doesn’t do (almost) married men. But the two become friends anyway.

When Derek goes away on a business trip with his colleague and best friend Victor (since Derek never really liked Victor in the 20 years he has known him, I use the term ‘best friend’ loosely), he is expecting to be bored to death. What he doesn’t expect is to be raped by that same best friend when they spend the night at a hotel.

Derek’s life falls apart after that. He is afraid to tell anyone, because well, he is a muscular guy, and those don’t get raped, right?

It’s after Tim leaves Derek and he loses his job, that Derek really hits rock bottom. But he still has Russ as a friend. Or maybe something more. If Russ can get over the fact that Derek can’t stand to be touched anymore…

This sounds like an amazing story, on paper. But I’m afraid the execution was very disappointing.

For the first 40% we get a complete introduction of Derek’s and Russ’ lives. We get to read about Russ finding a fuck buddy and having sex with him several times. We read about Russ finding out that said fuck buddy is together with his ex again. We then read about Russ going away on a sexy weekend to a ‘clothing optional gay farm’, where he has sex with one guy for the entire weekend, but everyone else has orgies. I skimmed that entire part. It was unnecessary and way too long.

We also read about how awful a person Tim is. It gets kind of old if the current boyfriend/fiancé is ALWAYS a dick. Derek must have loved him, but I just couldn’t see why. Why couldn’t we just have a normal fiancé who just couldn’t deal with Derek’s moods after the rape?

And I really like it when a person needs help healing when he has gone through something traumatic. But for some reason I never bought it here. Derek was still so in the middle of it after a couple of months (as one would expect after being raped by your best friend), that I had a hard time believing he was ready for a new relationship.

Overall, nice premise, bad execution.