Review: Trusting Tanner

Trusting Tanner - Nicky James

This book felt off somehow.

Zander has been in an abusive relationship for the last 7 years. He knows he is unhappy, but he’s scared to leave. When he meets tattoo artist Tanner, he knows he is in trouble. But Zander is able to suppress his attraction and the two of them become close friends.

It’s not long before Tanner figures out Zander isn’t allowed to have friends, and that his boyfriend is not treating him well…

If you are giving me a book with abuse, let me feel how hopeless the relationship is. But I didn’t feel it in this. We get told a lot that Paul is awful, but scenes with him were few. He was indeed a bastard, but I didn’t feel the emotional connection Zander had with him. Like why did he stay, he didn’t even like the guy. There was no love at all. But I also didn’t feel the overwhelming fear Zander must have felt to leave. It was all so meh.

There were a lot of inconsistencies that made me like this story even less.

When you say the name Zander it’s not clear how it’s spelled. I would say people would assume Xander and not Zander. But Tanner immediately starts calling him Z. Which felt weird to me.

At one moment Zander says his friend Angie knows things about him because they have been friends for so long. Well, I wouldn’t consider a year long.

I was quite puzzled when Zander and Tanner were standing facing each other when this happens:

His hands reached out and gentle fingers traced their way up my thighs to hook around my waist.

Now to be able to get to someone’s thighs you have to either be VERY short or you would have to bend your knees, which would be quite awkward…

There were a few grammatical errors that even I, as a non-native English speaker, noticed.

Also Zander was with his abusive boyfriend for 76% of the story. His reasoning for not reporting him was that he was scared, but that he also didn’t want to be alone. It takes Tanner telling him he loves Zander for Zander to finally leave. So Zander only wants to leave his boyfriend of 7 years who hits him and tried to kill him, if he has someone else lined up? Wow, that’s…. I have no words..

And since Zander has been in an abusive relationship for 7 years, I would expect it takes time to mentally heal from that. But no, after two weeks he feels happy, free and jumps into a relationship with Tanner.

It wasn’t all bad. I did kind of enjoy it. Although I skipped the sex scenes, because I couldn’t suspend my disbelief any longer with all this magical healing through dick.