Review: Kings Rising (Captive Prince #3)

Kings Rising: Book Three of the Captive Prince Trilogy - C.S. Pacat

What a great series this was. This book was definitely worth the wait.

I have to admit that it was a bit frustrating to read Damen and Laurent treating each other like enemies again in the first half.


But when they finally both let down their walls…


I absolutely adored Laurent in this. It was great to see him so vulnerable for once, and to see him open up to Damen.

The sex scenes in this series are amazing. Very different from other M/M books. It’s amazing to see how much emotion S.C. Pacat used in those scenes. The word cock is maybe used twice and the word ass not at all. The scenes were detailed, yet not. I loved it. The scenes were slow, tender, and never once crude, but so so HOT.


Damen was at times a little stupid when it came to Laurent, but I forgave him. Laurent was his awesome self. I so want to have his babies.