Review: Captive Prince: Volume II

Captive Prince: Volume Two - C.S. Pacat, S.U. Pacat

Re-read January 13 2017


Holy moly, this is good!!

Can I have a Laurent please?

I just love how Damen and Laurent are basically enemies, but are becoming sort of friends.
Damen is noticing that even though Laurent is an arrogant leader, he is also doing everything in his power to prevent war.

The growing trust between them was great to read. I couldn't wait for something to finally happen in the romance department.

I melted when Laurent finally gave into his desire for Damen, depsite his severe trust issues. That scene was one of the most tender sex scenes I've read. It was everything I'd hoped for.

On to book 3, finally!

Thanks to Wendy for the lovely BR.