Review: Off Base (Out Of Uniform #1)

Off Base (Out of Uniform #1) - Annabeth Albert

This was okay but some parts bothered me.

What I liked:
- I mostly liked the guys. Zack was such an enigma, with him being a sweet badass virgin navy SEAL. And Pike was adorable and very patient with Zack.
- The romance itself was sweet and I liked that even though there was a lot of potential for relationship angst, the guys were patient with each other and not angry.
- The sex scenes were pretty hot.

What I liked less:
- I absolutely hated the plot line of the closeted Zack starting a secret relationship with his roommate, Pike.
- Zack, even though sweet, was also a doormat. I got very frustrated with his actions. I had such a hard time respecting him when he didn’t want to come out of the closet.
- The massive amounts of homophobia in this book.

This story concentrates mostly on the fact that Zack is afraid to come out of the closet. He is even afraid to admit to himself that he is gay. It was very frustrating to see how he was hurting Pike with his actions and his denial. I was happy that Pike was so forgiving, because I think I would have slapped Zack.

I am just not one for the closet cases. I hate reading about them. The fact that I still liked this book is quite a surprise for me. I think it’s because I still liked Zack and Pike together, despite me being annoyed with them a lot.

This is not very SEAL focused. Most of this story Zack and Pike are at home, trying to build something together. These were just a couple of young guys figuring things out. They were both early twenties and they felt like it.

The storyline was quite predictable, no real surprises there. Annabeth Albert does have a way with words, so I still enjoyed it.