Review: The Foxhole Court (All For The Game #1)

The Foxhole Court - Nora Sakavic

Re-read January 6 2017 with Marte, DoodlePanda and Wendy.


Holy shit, this was good!

I was really ready to hate this book. When all my friends are raving about some story, I almost never agree. And that’s totally me, I get my hopes up, I have so many expectations it mostly ends in disappointment. But I LOVED this!

We meet Neil, who is 18 and on the run from something. He gets asked to join college team The Foxes to play the game exy (a combination between lacrosse and hockey, it’s very brutal). Neil knows he can’t accept because people will find him if he doesn’t run, but he also really wants to play Exy with the famous Exy prodigy Kevin.


Neil accepts once he admits he cannot live without playing exy. But once he gets to the college and he meets the other guys, things are weird. The group dynamics are quite the puzzle, from the talented, but very angry Kevin, to the psychotic, heavily medicated Andrew.

Within the team there are several groups. The most interesting being Kevin, Andrew and his twin Aaron, and Nicky. They form an interest in Neil and Neil is not treated well. He is treated like an enemy, but sometimes almost as a friend.


I absolutely loved how the group dynamics were the focus of this book. It’s all such a psychological game. What was confusing about this is that you get a clue what Neil is running from and how that is connected to Kevin and the others, but you don’t really know what’s going on. I also had no idea why Andrew was so protective of Kevin and never left him alone.

But the writing sucked me in and I couldn’t help but love all the guys, the more psychotic the better.

There is no romance yet, but everything else is so intense, I didn’t mind at all. I can only imagine when there is a hint of romance it will blow my mind…