Review: Whistle Blowing

Whistle Blowing - Ada Maria Soto

This started out really good. Almost exactly the same as Not His Kiss to Take, except for the doctor kink.

There is a lot of focus on Daren’s injuries and the way he heals for most of this story. That’s not a bad thing. I hate reading about miraculous recoveries, so this felt real. I did want a bit more out of the relationship.

Especially because the first half was focused on how Sebastian and Daren interact with each other and Sebastian nursing Daren back to health.

But that tentative development suddenly stopped and I found myself in a James Bond kind of story line. Which I did not like.

Lot of loose ends when it’s suddenly over. Sort of an HFN, but not enough for me. The relationship had just started, and they are now on the run, still being chased by the bad guys.

Promising storyline, but would have been better with more relationship development and a better ending.