Review: Falling Snow on Snow

Falling Snow on Snow - Lou Sylvre

Wow, bad writing is bad.

There is almost no dialogue in this book. And when people do talk they say things totally out of character. There is no relationship development, we should just believe these guys like each other, even though I have no idea why. Beck and Oleg still have to have a first date at 65%, but they act as if they are already in a relationship.

What was also weird was that Beck kept something from Oleg and when Oleg found out the truth, it is told in one sentence.

In the quiet moment that followed, Beck introduced Oleg to his stepfather and briefly summed up the events of the last few days.

Talk about anti-climactic.

I liked the concept of this story. There was some great potential here. Unfortunately the writing was so bad that I had a hard time finishing this.

Do not recommend.