Switched - N.R. Walker

Well, this was awesome!

Israel has always felt he doesn’t quite belong. Brought up by cold parents, who never showed him love, he only has his best friend, Sam, to fall back on.

When he and his parents are asked to come to the hospital because they have some information they want to share, they find out Israel has been switched at birth, 26 years ago.

Israel feels even more lost now, but is happy he has his best friend for support. And Sam is there every step of the way.

When Israel admits to himself he has feelings for Sam, he tries to keep his distance, but he can’t keep this up for long. He just hopes Sam feels the same way..

This was a very sweet best friends to lovers story, and I just loved how Sam was always there for Israel. I was also totally engrossed in the story of the switch and how Israel, his parents, and the other family dealt with this.

I really liked how Israel’s parents started out as horrible parents, but were so shocked by the news of the switch, that they were trying to change. They wanted to build some sort of relationship with Israel, now that they felt as if they were losing him. They were not the best parents, but at least they were trying now.

And the new family was just great. The meetings were so emotional that I had to grab the tissues.

I loved how Sam was such a rock when Israel needed him. And I loved how there was no relationship angst. Just sweet loving all around.

This was just beautiful.