Review: Everything In Between (Finding My Forever #1)

Everything In Between: Finding My Forever Book 1 - Michele Notaro

Yes, there is such a thing as too much sugar.


This started off pretty great. Caleb has a crush on a colleague and seems to drool every time Reese walks by. Reese seems to stutter himself whenever he tries to talk to Caleb. So far, this was pretty cute. The guys were both a bit shy, and it was clear from the start they were really into each other.

Caleb comes from a big, pretty weird family. He was adopted when he was 14, because his biological father kicked him out of the house, after his brother beat him, when they found out he was kissing a boy.

He was adopted by the family of the boy he was kissing. The kiss never lead to anything more, but Caleb did have a new family.

The rest of the book was extremely sweet, and sugary. Caleb and Reese go on dates, they meet the family, they have crazy friends and meddling siblings. A pretty good formula to keep me entertained.

But all of this happened pretty early in the book. These guys are in a new, but solid relationship by the time I hit 30%. The family antics and hot sex kept me intrigued til about 60%. By that time I was wondering what else could possibly happen, since it still wasn’t finished.

And that’s where the author took a wrong turn, straight into lala land.


Suddenly Caleb gets a call from the police station that he apparently has an 11 year old nephew, who Caleb’s biological brother kicked out of the house. Of course Caleb and Reese go rescue the boy, Sammy, take him in, find out he has a little 6 year old brother, take him in too, adopt the two and become instant parents.

I don’t proclaim to be an expert when it comes to kids, but I do have 3 sons. My eldest is 10, and he has a lot of 10 and 11 year old friends, so I kind of know how an 11 year normally acts. Saying things like: ‘I got kicked out, because I am queer’ is so not what an 11 year old would say. I get that some guys know from an early age that they are gay, but I this kid acted more like 13 or 14. 11 is still pretty young.

And the 6 year old acted more like a 4 year old. I doubt a kid who grew up in an abusive home like Jacob did, would be as happy as he was, and so accepting of his new home and his new ‘daddies’. He even called them both Daddy after only 2 weeks. That is not a thing that would ever happen. Especially to kids with some kind of trauma. (I hate that the general consensus in a lot of books is that if you love a foster kid enough, all their problems and angry behavior goes away. It doesn’t. Having a traumatized kid is hard work! These kids are often angry and lash out. Most of them are not quiet kids who are ready to be healed with hugs.)

When I got the last couple of pages I knew that the author wouldn’t be happy without a proposal to top this all off, and of course I was right.

It was just too much. Like the author took an extra happy pill after the first 60%.


There were still parts I really liked. I liked the first half a lot and the cheesiness didn’t bother me all that much. But the second half was too insane for me. There was also some mix up with the past tense and present tense, so that was confusing.

And can I just say what an AWFUL nickname Leb is for Caleb. Everyone called him Leb. Ugh.