Review: Sailing Deep (Navy SEAL #1)

MM: Sailing Deep (PARANORMAL SHIFTER - M/M NAVY SEAL) (Volume 1) - Noah Harris

This started out really promising. But somewhere along the way I got bored with the endless descriptions while I just wanted more romance.

Also, the dub-con took me by surprise.

Blake had no control over himself anymore, the wolf within took over and even though Dylan said no, they still had sex. Yes, Dylan liked it, and he wasn’t mad after, but he was very hurt and couldn’t quite walk after. It wasn’t rape to be exact, but I was very puzzled as to why the author decided to have their first time like this. Both guys were sweet and not angry guys at all, so it felt very unnecessary. 

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This is a trilogy, and I was determined to read all 3 books, but the end of this left me so unsatisfied that I decided to quit.

A promising shifter book, but a bit boring and unsatisfying in the end.