Review: His Needs

His Needs - Kris T. Bethke

This was cute!

State Trooped Travis gets injured right before Christmas. He gets hit by a car and is forced to recover at home for the next 6 weeks.

He is happy that Noah will take care of him. Noah is the younger brother of Travis’ best friend, and Travis has been in love with him forever. But Noah is quite oblivious to Travis’ feelings, so Travis tries to hide how he really feels. But it’s not long before Travis slips up and Noah finds out the truth.

Travis is mortified that Noah finally knows, but he didn’t expect Noah to be receptive to his attentions. Noah tells Travis that they will just take it slow, but that he would love to date him. The two start a sweet, tentative relationship...

This book was filled with hugs, sweet kisses, hot sex, and DIRTY TALK! It was just awesome.

I could have done without the family drama that came out of nowhere, but other than that this was super sweet.