Review: Floodgates

Floodgates - Mary Calmes


I love how in your face the emotions in her books are. And this was no exception.

I lifted up and sealed my lips over his, kissing him hard, taking what I needed because the man was making my heart hurt. I’d had no idea he could be so romantic, so serious, and the idea that I had brought it out in him was overwhelming. I couldn’t seem to kiss, touch, or breathe him in enough. I needed more.

*happy sigh*

We have a bunch of characters with ridiculous names (how does she come up with this shit?), a lot of totally crazy police work (don’t even try to really suspend your disbelief, just roll your eyes and go with it), and lots of face touching. I loved it all.

Tracy is our gorgeous character in this. He is of course perfect and everyone wants him. Or at least wants to touch him. They are either touching him or telling him their life stories, or both. He is awesome like that.

Cord is the best friend of Tracy’s brother. He used to be a manwhore, but has now seen his ways and changed over the years, just for Tracy.

Cord didn’t make his move sooner, because Tracy was in a relationship with Breckin, until Breckin cheated. Twice.

There is a killer on the loose and Tracy, Cord, Breckin and the woman Breckin got pregnant, are forced to spend time together in Breckin’s parent’s house. Joy!

Cord gets possessive, Trace is swept of his feet, Breckin is acting like an ass, and after the killer is caught, everyone lives happily ever after. Of course.

I loved Tracy. I loved Cord. I just love this formula of oblivious MC with his possessive alpha. Lots of touching, grunting, growling and sexy times.

I wanted to give this 5 stars, but as many other readers I did have a bit of an issue with some things. Some things just didn’t make any sense (who on earth thought it would be a good idea to catch the killer by collecting everyone involved and going to Breckin’s parents house, who he hasn’t seen in 18 years.. yeah right…).

Still, this was a classic Mary Calmes read and I just want more.