Review: A Bond of Truth (Sensual Bonds #2)

A Bond of Truth - K.C. Wells

Just as good as the first one. I don't think it would be wise to read this as a stand-alone. You would be missing out on everything that happened in the previous book. And the characters from that book play a role in this one too.

I absolutely loved this one. It had the exact same feels as the first book, while still being completely different. Of course it had some similarities, but I felt as if the 3 men in this story were their own character and not just a copy of the men from the first book (since I was a bit afraid of this happening).

Dainon is a 42 year old warrior from Kandor. He lost his wife and son 16 years ago and has given up on love. That is until he is sent to Teruna to ask the kings for help with their own kingdom, who is not doing so well after a plague.

When he enters the kingdom he encounters a young man. This young man is 21 year old Arrio, who immediately shows his hospitality to offer the exhausted traveler a place to stay. Of course Arrio failed to mention at first he is the prince of Teruna, the heir of the throne. But when Dainon sees the palace, he knows who Arrio is.

Arrio and Dainon have an immediate connection, one that Dainon cannot deny. Even though he has never before been attracted to men. The two grow very close in a short period of time, while Dainon is spending some time in Teruna to learn more about their customs.

Just when Dainon is convinced he and Arrio might actually be headed somewhere, a new visitor arrives. It is 20 year old Kei, Sorran’s younger brother. Since Arrio was adopted he has no blood relation with the brother of one of his fathers.

Dainon sees the immediate spark between Arrio and newcomer Kei, and he feels hurt. But when he accidentally touches Kei, he feels the same spark he feels with Arrio. Dainon is more confused than ever.

When Arrio has to travel to seek out new resources for the kingdom, Kei and Dainon accompany him on this trip.

It is clear to Kei what the two men mean to him. They are meant to be together. Arrio feels this too, so Kei and Arrio end up discussing this. But Dainon is not so ready to believe this so when he sees Arrio and Kei growing closer, he knows he has to leave, because he obviously does not fit in with these two younger men…

This was sweet and at times sappy. Just how I like my books. There’s not a lot of relationship angst, although it’s not all smooth sailing either. Especially Dainon has to come to terms with his attraction to two men. But it all ends well and we get a wonderful HEA.

Oh, and we get

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This book is very heavy on the relationship development, with some background political stuff going on. If you like low angst MMM with three men falling in love with each other at the same time, this is the book for you.