Review: Filthy Little Secret

Filthy Little Secret - Hope Vincent Flat Earth Editing, Jay Aheer, Furious Fotog, Devon McCormack

Now this was a nice surprise.

This had the potential to be really angsty, but even though there were some angsty undertones, the relationship itself was quite sweet.

Governor’s son Mark has just broken up with his boyfriend, who cheated on him with Mark’s best friend, for months. Mark needs to do something bad to get over this, so when he's at a party he follows the campus’ drug dealer, Tim, to the basement. He knows Tim will bang any guy, especially the governor’s son, so he knows he will have no trouble seducing Tim.

After their intense and explosive encounter, the two end up with a friends-with-benefits arrangement. But it’s pretty clear from the start they have a real connection…

There was some dominant sex, some face spitting (in a loving way ;) ), and some role playing. It was smoking hot.

But what got me hooked on this book is the fact that these guys talk. Even though there was room for so much misunderstanding and secrecy, I was glad the author didn’t go that route. Mark tells Tim when his feelings change and Tim in response tells Mark he doesn’t want to lose him, because he cares about him too. More than he should, since he’s not sure he deserves a good guy like Mark.

These two were quite sweet together, without it being too sugary.

I had a little trouble with the thing that happened near the end

(a sex video of them gets out)

(show spoiler)

 and Mark blaming Tim for it, but Tim never wanted to let Mark go, so he just held onto him, no matter how angry Mark was with him (despite Tim having done nothing wrong).

Overall, this was a great story about two guys,who at first glance had nothing in common, but end up deeply in love.

With some really hot sexy times.