Review: Leo loves Aries

Leo Loves Aries - Anyta Sunday

I absolutely loved the first 55%. I was totally going to give this book 5 stars, but then the other 45% happened and it was 3 stars material, so I’ll settle on 4 stars.

I LOVED the first half. Theo was so oblivious, he was just amazing. And the way he and Jamie danced around each other, it was awesome! And I think that’s where I went wrong (not the book, but I went wrong). I was filling in the second half by myself, I had totally figured out how the rest was going to go. And when it didn’t quite happen the way I expected it to be, I felt sad and a bit cheated, even though it was totally my own fault.

I really wanted Theo to see the light and to see these guys get together in a hearts and flowers kind of way. Well, that didn’t happen.

Once it is clear Jamie is not the perfect man for Theo’s sister Leone, and that he is gay, Theo is not all oooooooooh, that’s why I feel this way. No, he is more, I am not homophobic, you can be gay (talk about an anti-climactic moment).

And then Theo, instead of figuring out his own feelings are that of the romantic kind, suggests a friends-with-benefits kind of deal. I hate it when characters do this. Especially so late in the book. Couldn’t we just get to the lovely tender sexy times with out-in-the-open feelings, instead of a sex arrangement?

And when Jamie kept saying things like, it’s not like I want to marry you… I got a little angry. Of course it was all bullshit, but I hate it when people say stuff like that. It doesn’t have to be said you know, I get it, it’s just sex (even though of course it isn’t).

So I’m a bit sad, but since I adored the first half so much, I’m going to go with 4 stars.