Review: Break My Shell

Break My Shell - K.A. Merikan

This book exhausted me. I liked the relationship and the role playing was HOT HOT HOT! But the way Dayton just let people mess with him…. I had no respect for him.

This book starts off with a bang when Dayton is surprised by an intruder in his home. He is scared, but also confused when he recognizes the man’s tattoos. It is Max, the prisoner he has been corresponding with for the last 3 years.

After the shock wears off after Dayton’s most incredible sexual experience of his life, he is confused. Max wasn’t supposed to be released; they were never supposed to meet. But Max fell in love with Dayton’s letters and is here to fulfil all his secret and dirty fantasies…

I liked how this book started. The role playing was really hot. I also liked how Max was firm and dominant, but also sweet and loving with Dayton.

My biggest issue was with Dayton and what a doormat he was. He worked in a small inn, but he had a terrible boss. She owed him thousands of dollars and hadn’t been paying him for the last 2 months when Max shows up. I had such a hard time understanding why Dayton stayed at a place where he didn’t get paid.

And when the bullies from his past showed up (several times) and blackmailed him…. Come on dude, grow a pair.

Just when I thought the two were finally getting some help from someone offering them a place to stay when they needed it, she kicks them out because they are a bad influence on her daughter.

All the side characters in this sucked or were just plain evil. It was too much. So many villains… I lost all faith in humanity while reading this.

And since this is told entirely from Dayton’s POV, we went through all his insecurities and panic attacks. He doubted everything and was constantly afraid. It was tiring.

Overall I liked the relationship and the role playing, but the angst that was Dayton was too much for me. This is not a happy read.