Review: Glass Tidings

Glass Tidings - Amy Jo Cousins

I think I am just not one for Amy Jo Cousin's writing. I kind of knew this already, but I wanted to try this anyway. And it was okay. Just not mind shattering like I’d hoped it would be.

There were pages and pages of inner dialogue that I eventually started skimming. And they all concentrated on Eddie and how his life was before he met Gray. Yeah yeah, I got it, it was a sad life. But I just didn’t feel it.

And I felt as if the no background thing with Gray went on way too long. I felt disconnected from his character because I knew so little about him. And I could understand that Eddie had up all these walls, due to his upbringing, but I was tired of him keeping everyone (Gray) at a distance.

The first sex scene could have been magical, but felt emotionless instead. It was short and Eddie makes it clear it doesn’t mean anything (although of course it does).

I just didn’t really like this.