Review: Scrooged Over (2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug)

Scrooged Over (2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug) - David O'Connor

This was quite awful. I could not get a good handle on the characters or the story. There were just so many inconsistencies.

At the beginning it is mentioned that Dudley has a crush on Deke. A secret crush, and that no one can ever find out. But then all of a sudden the two flirt like they have been doing that for years.

Dudley kept three fingers in Deke’s chest hair, on the warm skin, counting the thumping heartbeats in his head.
“If you get a hard-on, I’m never coming here again.”
“Too late.” Dudley grinned and finally removed his fingertips from Deke.

For a guy with a secret crush he was awfully forward with his flirting.

Dudley is also very surprised to find out he and Deke have unresolved sexual tension.

Mindy once claimed it was unreleased sexual tension that made their bickering so fiery.

Since all they do is talk sex trash talk on the radio, it would take a really oblivious person to miss the UST. But nooooo, it is written like this is a big surprise.

Then there was a completely unnecessary body hair fetish.

Then he stood and pulled his pants partway down in the back. There was the ass—part of it—all pale and perfect, covered in dark hair Dudley wanted stuck in his teeth.

I could get on board with this, but it’s mentioned twice and then never again, so that made it just weird, and not sexy at all.

As for the story itself, I didn’t like it. Deke was a complete and utter asshole. His hatred for Christmas didn’t even have a good reason. He just felt it was necessary to spread the hate.

And what he did to Dudley… Holy shit dude! I would have so smacked him upside the head. With my baseball bat. (view spoiler)[He goes to Dudley’s house every day and sabotages his Christmas lights. A new part every day. Just to destroy Dudley’s Christmas and his happy feeling. (hide spoiler)] Dudley was so sad.

At the end of this story I wanted Deke to walk in front of a car, and I couldn’t care less what happened to Dudley. And thanks to Marte for pointing out that Dudley is not a sexy name. Because seriously? Dudley…. *shudders*

Many thanks to buddy reader Marte, who had to hear me rant about it.