Review: Krampus Hates Christmas (2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug)

Krampus Hates Christmas ( 2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug) - Andi Van

Now this was a fun Christmas story! I loved the writing in this.

Krampus is Santa Claus’ twin brother, the one who takes care of the naughty children. But he’s also kind and loves his brother very much. Karl hates seeing his brother Nick get swamped every year because the council won’t let Krampus help.

The council says that Karl has lost his holiday spirit, so he is not allowed to help with the naughty children list.

Santa Claus’ drag queen of a husband, Noel, knows how to help Karl. Noel drugs Karl, transforms him into a human looking man (instead of the fur and hooves he normally has), and dumps him into one of his apartments. Since it’s September Karl has 3 months to try to get his holiday spirit back.

Karl wants to get out of there immediately. That is until he meets his yummy neighbor, Lewis..

This was just adorable. I loved how sweet Karl was and how he was just so sad for his brother Nick. I loved how it was addressed that Lewis didn’t have a six pack anymore and how Karl was, well, a being covered in fur, with horns and hooves. It’s obviously the inside that matters. (Don’t worry, the one sex scene we got was when Karl was still looking human, I’m not so sure about the full on Krampus sex they must have had eventually).

Oh, and yay for characters both over 40 (Lewis is 42 and although Krampus is ancient, his human counterpart was supposed to be 46).