Review: One And Only Bear (Grizzly List #2)

One and Only Bear (The Grizzly List Book 2) - Julia Talbot

Very cute bear shifter story.

Bear shifter Oscar thinks a relationship or sex is not for him since he has never felt a lot of attraction to other people. But as any bear he does like to cuddle, so he places an ad in the Grizzly List Weekly for a cuddle buddy.

Big grizzly bear Patrick is intrigued when he sees the ad for a friend to cuddle with. After some online conversations the two decide to meet. Patrick immediately sees that Oscar doesn’t need a friend, he needs a bear like himself to take good care of him.

Everything seems to be going well between the two, when Patrick takes Oscar to meet his friends. When socially awkward Oscar feels overwhelmed Patrick doesn’t understand it, and they end up breaking up.

Of course once Patrick pulls his head out of his ass he is ready to beg for forgiveness if that’s what it takes for the cute white spirit bear to take him back.

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of the break-up trophy (especially the reason, Patrick was being a DICK!), but the cuteness of the rest made up for it. And there is snuggling. Lots of bear snuggling.