Review: Just Drive (Anchor Point #1)

Just Drive - L.A. Witt

4.25 stars

This was so incredibly romantic. I loved these guys.

Sean is driving his taxi when he picks up a heartbroken older guy. Paul has just broken up with his boyfriend and tells his driver to ‘just drive’.

And although Paul is sad his relationship is over, there is an instant connection with Sean. And after an unexpected walk on the pier, they end up parked somewhere for an incredibly hot encounter.

Paul tells himself not to contact the guy who blew his mind with one simple hookup, and is 20 years younger than he is, but he simply cannot resist.

After this they keep meeting to have hot smoking sex, and it’s not long before both acknowledge that there are feelings involved. That is until they find out that Paul is Sean’s father’s commanding officer..

I loved how these guys couldn’t stay away from each other. L.A. Witt really hit the mark with the whole star-crossed lovers feeling in this. I could just feel the longing, the need to be together.

The sex was explosive and just HOT HOT HOT! I also really loved how Sean, although younger, topped, while the bigger, older man bottomed. And not because of some sort of power play, but simply because that’s what they both liked best.

If you’re looking for an intense, incredibly sexy, sweet and romantic story, read this.