Review: Walking on Thin Ice

Walking on Thin Ice - Jocelynn Drake

I liked this! Although the drama felt a bit…. off…

Spenser is the CFO in his family’s company. He is a bit of a cold, calculated man. But once he sees Evan in a club, he knows he has to have him. But Evan tells him no.

“Yeah, I’m done with the hook-up scene. Took me a while, but I think I’m a good enough guy to deserve tomorrow, too.”

The two end up having dinner at a diner and really hit it off. Even though Spenser doesn’t want anything more than a hookup, he invites Evan home to his family for Christmas. To act as some sort of buffer. Evan has no family, so he accepts, even though he knows it won’t lead to forever with Spenser..

I loved how Spenser started out as a bit of an asshole, but couldn’t maintain his cold exterior when he was with Evan. I loved how sweet they were with each other. And Spenser’s family was great!

There were also enough sexy times to keep all us perverts happy.

My one complaint is that the reason why Spenser couldn’t have a relationship felt a bit.. fabricated. When I think about it it’s not really that far-fetched, but I think it’s more the way it was written. As soon as the drama starts we get told all of this, but not shown. Even the outburst is told, not written down for us to read how people react themselves (I kind of wanted to know what kind of terrible things the grandpa said). Therefore I felt a bit detached from that part.

Still, this was a nice Christmas story with two sweet guys falling in love and I really enjoyed it.