Review: Home Is Where You Are

Home is where you are - Alex Jane

I normally don’t like historicals much, but since this had shifters I wanted to try it anyway.

Caleb is an Alpha who has chosen to live alone in a cabin in the woods. The townspeople know he is a wolf, but mostly leave him alone. Then all of a sudden the sheriff brings over a young man. The young man is nearly beaten to death, but because he is a wolf, he survived the brutal attack. Caleb takes him in because he sees no other way the young wolf will survive the harsh winter that’s coming.

Caleb stubbornly refuses to act on his attraction to Jacob once Jacob is fully healed, but eventually Caleb just cannot resist it anymore, and gives in. The two are happy, despite some troubles along the way. Then they find two children in need of care, Ephraim, a wolf and his human sister, Martha…

There was some hurt comfort in this that I really liked. I also really liked the kids and how eventually they became a real family.

I do have to say that it’s not a book that concentrates all that much on the romance. After some initial back and forth Caleb and Jacob get together around 50%, and after that it’s mostly stuff that happens around them (finding the kids, settling in with them, being threatened). Jacob spends a portion of the time being mad at Caleb (for several things). But even after that was resolved, it’s not like there is a lot of romance. Even the ‘I love yous’ were suddenly there and kind of squeezed in as an afterthought.

But I still think most shifter lovers will like this book.