Review: A Family For Christmas

A Family for Christmas - Jay Northcote

This was simply adorable! Such a feel good Christmas story.


Rudy is 24 years old and works at Rainbow Futures. He has had a crush on coworker Zac ever since Zac started working there. But Rudy is convinced Zac doesn’t want a 24 year old shy geek, who has never had a boyfriend.

Zac doesn’t want to do the whole social thing with his colleagues. He is there to work, not make friends. Friendships can only hurt him. But when he gets asked to join everyone for drinks one night, Zac feels he has no choice but to go.

To Zac's surprise he and Rudy end up talking. And because there are drinks involved Zac lets slip to Rudy that he has no family. And that he was in fact planning on spending Christmas alone. So Rudy invites him to join him and his family. Zac cannot resist the lure of spending the holidays with a warm family so he accepts.

I absolutely loved shy Rudy and his crush on Zac he couldn’t seem to hide. I also really loved Rudy’s family and how warm and welcome they felt. I had never heard of the game Sardines, but it sounds like a lot of fun! And the way Rudy and Zac played it…. HOT!

My one complaint, and the reason why I’m not giving this 5 stars, is how emotionally constipated Zac was. I could understand where he was coming from, and how he was careful with his feelings. But I kind of wanted a bit more BAM in the relationship. Instead of him doubting if he liked Rudy or not. I was waiting for his feelings to overwhelm him, but that never happened.

But other than that, this was a wonderful Christmas story.


I had a great time BR-ing this with Marte.