Review: When the Dust Settles (Timing #3)

When the Dust Settles (Timing Book 3) - Mary Calmes

Oh Mary, how I love thee.


I love how Mary writes characters that really need each other. They crave each other. And that makes them loving on each other so passionate. I love it.

This had the loveliest hurt/comfort. I especially love how Mary can write a character who was big, bulky and rude in the previous books and is now lean, slender, sweet, hurt (and okay, still a bit rude), and in desperate need of someone who will take care of him.

When Rand asks Glenn to assist for a couple of days to help round up some cattle, Glenn has no choice but to go help him. He’d rather not, since he feels he doesn’t fit in with his family, but he owes them. So he begrudgingly goes to the ranch to help Rand.

Glenn did come out as gay, but has no experience with men so far. He thinks he wants someone like Stef (Rand’s husband), small and sweet. But he didn’t count on getting all hot and bothered for Rand's big muscular foreman Maclain…

As I said, this has the best hurt/comfort. Glenn was so sad, so heartbroken, about pretty much everything. I loved how Mac took care of him and showed him what it’s like to have someone look after him.

I really hope Mary writes more books in this series. I just crave more.