Review: Witness

Witness - L.A. Gilbert

Re-read November 18 2016

I now know what stands out for me in this book and why some books bore me, and this kept me thoroughly entertained. It's the dialogue. I feel as if some authors have no idea how to write a decent conversation, so they tend to just skip it. But I need to be there for the cute talks or I won't believe in the relationship. Here it was very well done.


Prepare for major fluff! And lots of cheesiness. It was awesome.


We have Reece, a cute bike messenger and Ben, a cop. They meet, they fall in love. That’s about it. But somehow I fell in love with the cute dialogue (very rare in books these days!), the sweetness of it all, and the hot sexy times. This book felt like a warm hug.

And we also got some hurt/comfort. Yay!!


Reece was cute, Ben was sweet, and I fell hard for the big cop and the smaller bike messenger.

Read this for the feel-good factor. It's awesome.