Review: A Christmas Kiss

A Christmas Kiss - Annabelle Jacobs

If there is one thing I hate it’s when people in my books don’t talk to each other. What’s wrong with a good conversation, guys??

This book was 80% misunderstanding/miscommunication, and I got more and more frustrated with these guys and their refusal to talk to each other.

Riley and Alex, both gay, have been best friends for the past 7 years. Now both 23, they share a kiss on a night they’re both drunk of their ass. The next morning Alex doesn’t remember anything about it, and Riley feels hurt.

Riley chooses to keep his mouth shut, act awkward and starts to keep his distance. Because yes, that’s what I would do too. Not.

Things continue to remain awkward between them, and their friends all notice what’s going on. Except Alex of course.


at 80% comes the big reveal, and just when I wanted some hearts and flowers, Alex says he’s needs some time to come to terms with Riley’s new feelings for him.

(show spoiler)

 I was not happy with this. Of course things do turn around rather quickly, but by then I was fed up with these guys and started skimming the rest.

If you don’t mind miscommunication plots for 80% of the story, this could be the book for you.

(I've been having the worst of luck this week with picking books. I think I'm just going to reread for a year.