Review: Daring Fate (Silver Tip Pack #1)

Daring Fate - Megan Erickson

DNF at 62%

I don’t think Megan Erickson’s writing is for me. It seems everyone is overcome with all kinds of emotions when reading her work, and I’m either bored or completely indifferent.

With this I just couldn’t get into, and I tried and tried and tried (because you know, everyone and its mother seem to love this), but after several days of constantly putting this away, I have come to the conclusion I just don’t like the book.

I kept wanting Dare and Reese to have an actual conversation. I felt as if the main focus was the world building, the pack business and the fact that Reese and Dare were True Mates (and the sex). But spending a week locked up together having sex and talking about how the pack works, does not equal a good relationship to me.

And after this first period together, the action started happening and I could kiss my relationship and character development goodbye, so I threw in the towel.