Review: In a Gilded Cage

In a Gilded Cage - Mia Kerick

This modern day gay Rapunzel story started out wonderfully. Lots of hurt/comfort potential. But the last 25% totally ruined the book for me.

Lucci is 12 years old when his parents sell him to the rich Mr. Gotham. Mr. Gotham now considers himself Lucci’s new father. He locks Lucci up in his mansion and ‘educates’ him how to be the most proper son for him.

William Prinzing, Prin, has been hired to mow the lawn of Mr. Gotham’s esate. It’s not long before he sees a beautiful young man through a window. When they finally meet it is clear to Prin that something is wrong, because the beautiful Lucci is not allowed to leave or to have contact with anyone outside of the mansion. But when Lucci’s father is away, Prin and Lucci keep seeing each other, since they cannot seem to keep their distance.

I loved the hurt/comfort part of this. I loved how weird the relationship between Lucci and his ‘father’ really was. So creepy… I was all ready for Prin to come rescue Lucci! But then the last 25% happened….. Such a huge let down.

Huge spoiler for the ending.

(view spoiler)TThe evil Mr. Gotham discoveres that Lucci has been seeing Prin. Since Lucci had been tortured by him for the past 8 years I would expect rage and anger and for him to at least torture Lucci or something (and Prin would come to the rescue of course). But no, he sends Lucci to Boston, where he will provide rent and food for him til he turns 21. After that he is on his own. What kind of villain is this?? Shouldn’t he be killed or something equally dramatic?

And after a few months (or a year, or two, it’s not clear how long it was exactly) when Prin has finally given up on ever finding Lucci, they meet again in Boston by chance, and live happily ever after.

I especially hated that they had to be apart for so long and that there was no dramatic rescue..

(show spoiler)

That ending really sucked.