Review: Afterglow

Afterglow - E.  Davies

This started out great. It had a lot of hurt/comfort, but somewhere along the way I got more and more annoyed.

Ash has hit rock bottom in his life. When he's had a rough night, that open window looks very good, so he jumps off the balcony in the hotel room he is at.

Firefighter Chris is walking by the hotel when he sees the body on the ground. He immediately tries to help and sees that although the guy is hurt, it is not life threatening.

After a few days Chris can't get the jumper out of his mind, so he visits Ash in the hospital. When he sees that Ash had no visitors and he is basically all alone in the world, Chris decided to help him and asks Ash to stay at his house until he has his life back on track.

This could have been a great book, if not for two things.

One, the relationship and how it developed (or not developed). First they were hesitant towards each other because they weren’t sure the other one wanted more, despite the fact that they were both constantly flirting with each other. Then when they finally started something, they were hesitant to touch each other. Then there were doubts about what to call their relationship. Then they both called what they had a friendship. And then at the end, there were the I love yous. And don’t forget the sudden


(show spoiler)

I got a headache from these guys.

And my other problem was that I had a very hard time believing that everyone suddenly turned out to be a drug addict who screwed around. First there was the so-called recruiter who coerced Ash into taking drugs, and then got up in the morning to put on his suit and go to his respectable job. And then there was the husband of a coworker who Ash recognized as one of the guys who banged his boyfriend while high a couple of weeks back.


I had to admit, the writing was not bad, although I was a bit confused at times when things were said but not explained.

Overall I had a hard time enjoying this.