Review: Engineering Love

Engineering Love - Jackie Nacht

I absolutely loved this sweet, no angst whatsoever, college romance.

Davis is not ready for a relationship, that’s why he’s upfront to his bedpartners about it, only one night stands, that’s it. But because of that, he has earned himself quite the reputation on campus.

Shy Adrian just transferred to Georgia Tech and hopes he will make friends soon. He lucks out with his roommates, since they accept him immediately and take him under their wing.

It is at a football game where he meets Davis, who knows his roommates. But even though Adrian heard about Davis being a bit of a player, he doesn’t quite believe it when all Davis does around Adrian is fall flat on his face or hurt himself another way in his clumsiness.

Davis is immediately smitten with Adrian. He cannot get the shy, cute guy with the dimples out of his head. The two form a tentative friendship at first, but are upfront about their attraction to each other. They just decide to take it slow… (don't worry, we get a nice steamy scene near the end)

This was a very cute romance. There is no angst whatsoever, so yay!
I loved how confident Davis got clumsy everything he was around Adrian. It was so cute.

Absolutely recommended for low-angst lovers.