Review: Roughing the Passer

Roughing the Passer - Alison Hendricks

4.25 stars

I loved this.

Diego is a big bad tattooed college football player. And a definite man whore. He is constantly cruising Grindr to find someone to hook up with. And not to top as is often the case in MM books these days. Diego is not ashamed that he was a bottom through and through. I loved that.

Garrett is taking care of his dad and his 13 year old sister ever since his dad had an accident and his mom left them. He just wants to be there for them and perhaps play some ball. So when he gets asked to play for ESC Mavericks, he is thrilled, since it's so close by.

Garrett expects to get along with the team and just throw a football or two. But the coach immediately introduces him to the rest of the team as the wonder boy who is going to save the team from downfall.

The team and especially Diego is not happy with him, so Diego sets out to harass him every way he can. But Diego didn’t count on Garrett to be so incredibly optimistic. Nothing gets him down.

Garrett has been so busy with taking care of his family that he had no time in his life to date. But he did always figure he was straight. Well, turns out he was wrong, because he is very attracted to loudmouth Diego..

For 80% this is very low angst, just how I like it. I was expecting angst, since you can just feel it (especially with Diego’s background). But I was a bit disappointed anyway when it came. Not because it was really bad, but because I am just not one to like angst. Why have a stupid fight when you can just talk? It wasn’t that bad and luckily it wasn’t a break-up (which I hate).

Not a lot of sexy times, but what we got was HOT!

I really enjoyed this and other than the little bit of angst, this was just a wonderful read.