Review: Ricky - DNF

Ricky - Ashley John

DNF at 12%

I normally don’t rate books I DNF at 12%, but this was so so bad, I have to give it a rating.

When I read the blurb I got al giddy. This looked like such a great hurt/comfort book! But boy, this really really sucked.

For me it was hate at first sight with MC Ricky. He calls everyone sweetheart in a condescending tone, and have everyone treat him like the queen he is. He also just leaves his best friend at a flea market they’re both at, to go screw some guy he just picked up there. And when he is still tying off the condom, he literally kicks that guy to the curb, naked. A real gem this guy.

And let me tell you about the other MC, Chase.
Chase is a single father of a 6 year old. But this poor man has ‘only’ 1 night a week to go clubbing. So he arranges a babysitter every Friday night to pick up guys. Yes, he has a hard life.


And oh, even though he fucks a different guy every week, he’s not sure he is gay. He could be just curious….


And let me tell you some more about Chase. This guy does not have a cock, he has a MANHOOD. Such a sexy word don’t you think. Oh yes, come here with your manhood.
And also this monster is 10 INCHES LONG. That is a lot of manhood dude! Does he have to roll it up to get it in his pants?


I stopped reading after Chase’s anaconda came out to play with some random guy he picked up at the bar.