Review: Going Up!

Going Up - Amy Lane

This was just adorable!

Zach lives in the penthouse of one of his father’s buildings. His father, who is the Republican candidate for state assembly. Zach himself is a union lawyer, even though his parents do not approve of this.

But even though he chose his career while he knew his parents would not approve, he hasn’t come out to them as gay. He doesn’t see the point when he has no one to date and doesn’t actually have a personal life to speak of.

That is until he meets colorful teacher Sean in the elevator of his building one day. The two form a kind of elevator friendship where they see each other every day. Zach even times his departures so he knows he will run into Sean…

Zach was just adorable. He was kind of shy, even though his father owned the building and he was expected to live up to his family's standards. He was also so lonely. My heart hurt for him.

And Sean, he was just perfect for Zach. I loved it when he had to dress up in different outfits when he was doing the singing telegram as an in-between job. He really cheered up Zach’s day.

This was just lovely.