Review: Chasing the High - DNF

Chasing the High - Beth Michele

DNF at 40%

I’m just not feeling it.

I love low-angst books, but there has to be something that holds my attention. If I feel a connection to the characters, I love reading about endless conversations about nothing. But in this case their conversations and ‘adventures’ on the island almost put me to sleep.

And I could not get a good image of either Drew or Sam. Drew was an ass one moment, and this hurt, bashful kid the next. One moment he was small and slender in my head, and the next big and muscular (I still have no idea what they looked like since it’s never described). Sam wasn't much better. I just couldn't get a feel for them.

And the fact that both of them hid they were gay from each other really got on my nerves.

When I started to skim the first sex scene, I knew it was time to call it quits.