Review: Power Bottom?

Power Bottom? - Rowan McAllister

BR with Tara and Marte

What really stood out in this book was Adrian. He was awkward, clumsy, and just adorable all around. His inner dialogue was hilarious.

Adrian and his boyfriend are stranded out in the middle of nowhere. They walk to a bar to try to call a tow truck since they have no cellphone reception. Of course Adrian is a bit hesitant to enter the bar.

But at least his outfit was better than the orange skinny jeans, white boat shoes, and tight orange-and-pink-plaid short-sleeve button-down Martin had on under his white nylon jacket. In this neck of the woods, Martin might as well have a flashing neon sign above his head—“Homosexual here! For beatings, line up to the left!”

It turns out he has nothing to worry about because it is a leather bar with all kinds of hot gay men. He even gets hit on. Him, the invisible one.

They are finally able to make it home, but it’s not long before Adrian and Martin get into a fight. Martin is pulling no punches. Besides telling Adrian he is boring as hell, he also tells him he sucks in bed.

“You can’t tell me you’re that oblivious. If you want to lie to yourself, that’s fine, but don’t lie to me. You know the sex sucks.”

Since Adrian has nothing to lose after Martin moved out, he goes back to the leather bar to find the gorgeous tattooed man who hit on him a few days back.

When he arrives there he is thrilled to see the man is indeed there. Wyatt has no trouble at all whisking Adrian out of there for a night of hot man on man sex, so they end up in a motel.


Of course Adrian is still Adrian.

Adrian tripped on his own feet, knocking his knee into the inside of Wyatt’s, and then Wyatt bonking his head on the door when he lost his balance and fell against it.

But they end up having hot smoking sex in bed after all, and Wyatt tells Adrian that Martin was definitely wrong, he is not a lousy lay.

Adrian really doesn’t want to say goodbye the next morning, so they agree to see each other again in that same motel two weeks from then.

A hot and heavy relationship ensues where they meet every week at the motel. It would have been perfect if not for Wyatt saying he can’t do a real relationship at the moment.

Wyatt and Adrian grow closer even though they’re supposed to have an agreement, but everything falls apart when Wyatt tells Adrian he can’t see him anymore because of Adrian’s safety…

I really liked the first 30%, Adrian was awkward, adorable and funny. But somewhere along the way the atmosphere changed. Adrian became a little less funny, and the relationship could have used some more emotional development.

Still, I really liked it and would recommend this if you like a low-angst first half, and an action-packed second half (no real relationship angst to speak of overall).