Review: If It Fornicates (Market Garden #4)

If It Fornicates - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt

Re-read October 16 2016

God, I love these two.


This is a sequel to Market Garden #3 - If It Flies.
Market Garden #3 is from Spencer's POV and Market Garden #4 is from Nick's POV. These two books can be read without having read 1&2, but you can't read this one without having read #3.

This was absolutely beautiful. I never thought a story about a rentboy Dom and his submissive could be this touching.


This one picks up right where If It Flies ended. If It Flies ended with Spencer and Nick together, but Nick still as a rentboy. I was curious to see where that would leave their relationship.

If It Fornicates is entirely from Nicks POV. I thought I loved Nick in If It Flies, but boy did I love him even more in this one! He was such a beautiful character. He was the perfect Dom for Spencer. He got off on controlling Spencer, but never wanted to make Spencer uncomfortable or do something Spencer wouldn't enjoy.

And Spencer. He was absolutely the sweetest. I loved how he was a great lawyer with a great mind and yet also a wonderful submissive. He was totally devoted to Nick and gave him every part of himself.


This book is beautifully written. Any book that can hold my attention once the two MC’s get together deserves a lot of praise. I am easily bored once the unresolved sexual tension is over. But I was so intrigued by the struggle Nick had while trying to balance everything out in his new life with Spencer. How he was trying to make peace with his feelings for his boyfriend while still being a good Dom at Market Garden. I loved every second of it.

I never felt as if Nick's job as a rentboy was anything like cheating (and I don't say this lightly, because I HATE cheating in books), because he was so obviously going through the motions. He was not happy with his job at all.

This was written with so much feeling I felt every single word. The moment where Nick tells Spencer he loves him…. SO beautiful.

(view spoiler) “I love you.”
They both stilled. Nick had barely whispered, but the words seemed to echo in the silence of the room to the backbeat of his pounding heart. Spencer’s fingers drifted down the side of Nick’s face. “I love you, too.” He said it like it was so easy. So simple.

(show spoiler)

I absolutely loved this.