Review: If It Flies (Market Garden #3)

If It Flies - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt

Re-read Oktober 16 2016

Still the best rentboy story there is.


Market Garden 3&4 features Spencer and Nick and can be read without having read 1&2

Best rentboy story there is!! The writing in this is just AMAZING.

This one is about Spencer, a hotshot lawyer, though a shy one. Spencer feels so stressed, he needs something to relieve the pressure. When his colleague and friend Percy takes him to Market Garden, he simply goes along with it. He is not expecting much of this place where one can find rentboys for hire.

But when Spencer spots Nick he is instantly attracted to him. He just doesn’t know why. When he hires Nick for an hour or two, Spencer finds out what attracted him to Nick. Nick is a Dom, and just what Spencer needs, even though Spencer didn’t realize it at the time.


After an incredibly hot encounter Spencer wants to hire Nick more often, and the two form an agreement. Nick will train Spencer and will help him relieve some stress on a regular basis.

They meet up every Friday and Spencer is enjoying every second. But after several months it is not just sex anymore..

A rentboy falling in love with a client….. happy sigh…. I loved it. Nick was a perfect Dom. Very strict with Spencer when necessary, yet very sweet underneath that controlling exterior.

I loved that Spencer was older, taller and more muscular than Nick, but young Nick was so dominant that there was never any doubt who was in charge.

Hot sex, tender moments… I loved it all.


Just go read it.