Review: A Sip of Rio

A Sip of Rio - Teodora Kostova

This is a very hard book to rate. There were parts I absolutely loved and other parts I disliked.


What I liked:
- The guys. Liam and Blaine were sweet and I thought they were really cute together.
- The sexy times. The sex scenes were hot!
- Rio. I loved reading about Rio and I could almost imagine me being there. This had a very nice holiday feeling.

What I liked less:
- The insta-friendship at the beginning. I liked how these guys met, but after that the start of the friendship was off page. So when they went on holiday and they were already friends, I didn’t buy it. I just wanted a couple more pages in between, where I was there to witness the friendship developing. This felt rushed.
- I have no idea what Liam’s deal was when he turned Blaine down at the end of their holiday. He said he was afraid to get hurt in the beginning, but I never once read that from him when he turned Blaine down near the end. I just didn’t get where he was coming from (and I’m so fed up with the break-up near the end in. Every. Single. Book. I. Read).
- A travel blog? Really? I get that it could happen, but this was WAY too sudden. If someone sprang this on me, I would not have been happy. Why couldn’t they start a real relationship in London first before Blaine decides this is the way to go?
- The dog. Seriously, Blaine gets Liam a dog while they are supposed to earn a living traveling the world? Poor dog.

Overall, this was a nice book with a great holiday feel.


But the issues I had with it prevent me from rating this higher.

Thanks to Marte for the great BR!