Review: Bromantic

Bromantic - Harper Logan

BR with Elsbeth, Karlijn and Wendy

This was a frustrating book. I started off great, I was sure it would all be wonderful. But it took a nosedive and left me frustrated and even a bit pissed off.

Terry and Robbie are best friend and college roommates. Terry is the captain of the football team and Robbie is a bit nerdy. But they fit each other like a glove.

It all starts out as a joke, a bromantic evening together, when their building has lost power one night in a storm. They liked it so much that Terry suggests they do a date night every week. But Robbie feels a bit uncomfortable with it, because he has noticed his feelings towards Terry are changing.

Even when Robbie finally admits to himself and to Terry that he is gay, Terry keeps up the bromantic stuff. So far that Robbie is feeling uncomfortable and Terry has no idea why (Hello, get a clue dude! Robbie has admitted that he discovered he is gay and there is a hot guy cuddling him in bed).

In the beginning the bro stuff was pretty funny, but eventually it just went on for too long. Terry was just plain stupid. Even when he finally admitted to himself he was attracted to Robbie, he still told himself he was straight, just attracted to Robbie. I could be okay with someone telling himself that, but this went on for the rest of the book. Dude! Ever hear of being bisexual?

I don’t need people to label themselves in my books, but the second half all revolved around Terry and his doubts about his own sexuality, so that frustrated me to no end. Just call yourself bisexual and be over with it. You’re attracted to a guy, you’re not straight. All he kept saying was that he was not attracted to guys, just Robbie. I don't buy that.

And of course there was the cliche

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at 77%. Ugh, pleaaaaase.

And don’t get me started on the thing with that Norwood guy. The drama came out of nowhere and it was all solved way too quickly.

I did like the first 40%, so 2.5 stars it is.