Review: Jared's Salvation (Crossed Paths #1)

Jared's Salvation - T.K. Paige

Well, this was quite awful.

There was so much telling going on instead of showing that the author even explained jokes. Yeah, I got it, thanks.

This could have been great, with Colin getting hit by a car when he saved Jared’s nephew. And Jared nursing Colin back to health. And no magical healing either, so that was a big plus. But darn these guys talked the relationship to death before they even kissed.

They talked about liking each other, they talked about finding each other attractive, and they talked about dating. All of this before the first kiss. Any interest I had was lost before anything even happened between these two.

Drama came out of nowhere and I just couldn’t keep up. A best friend was introduced somewhere at 80%, and villains came out of nowhere. I also couldn’t quite believe how Colin kept defending his ex and telling Jared he was harmless, when he already gave Colin a black eye in the past.

This book was a mess and I didn’t like it.